X-Team Originals

X-Team Originals is the division of X-Team dedicated to creating original content, events, apparel and platforms that serve X-Team's goal of becoming the most-loved company for engineers.
Below you will find the current X-Team Originals teams and their 2022 plans. Be on the lookout for more additions to this list coming soon, as we have many more projects in the works.

Original Content

X-Team Creators Program

We are always looking for creators within the X-Team community who want to collaborate with us on creating Original content, from livestream shows on YouTube/LinkedIn/Twitch, to roundtables to gaming to crypto and beyond.
By becoming an X-Team Creator, you'll unlock additional Unleash+ bonuses to help you upgrade your streaming setup (camera, lighting, decoration, etc.).
2022 Plans: Hire more team to support XTC, empower and enlist more X-Team Creators to expand our line-up of shows and original content.


With YouTube and LinkedIn, we host livestreams that serve as a platform to empower X-Teamers to share their voices with the world.
KMFCast is one of X-Team's YouTube livestreams that covers topics X-Teamers are passionate about.


Started in 2021, our Cinematics team has begun to bring the X-Team Universe to life. From 3D animators to Hollywood-level filmmakers, our Cinematics allow you to experience X-Team like never before.
This cinematic was the opening
2022 Plans: 🤫 Season 9 will be truly next level...

X-Team Blog

The X-Team Blog is home to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from X-Teamers over the years, as well as recaps of everything that happens in the X-Team Community.
We are always looking for contributors to the X-Team Blog, which is read by 100,000+ engineers around the world.
How to Contribute: Reach out to our blog editor Thomas De Moor on Slack to learn how to contribute!

Coming soon: X-Team Twitch

Original Events

DJ Drummer Michael Schack kicked off the X-Summit 2021 with mind-blowing energy.
X-Team Events are well-known for being some of the most energizing live experiences you can find. That energy is important to us, because it gives us all something to look forward to, and keep us moving forward.
From live performances to exclusive Q&As with extraordinary people to our annual X-Summit or X-Mas, we are always looking for new ways to bring you the unexpected.
How You Can Help: We are always looking for new ideas for Events, or you can help us continue building out our event platform -- the X-Team Theater.
The X-Team Theater, our Twitch-like viewing platform for live events.
2022 Plans: Host epic digital events for Season 9, craft new in-person events for X-Team Brazil (including an all-new X-Summit format), give extra support to X-Outposts, collaborate more often with amazing musicians on exclusive performances, host our first-ever large-scale engineering event, bring special events to an all-new platform...and more.

Original Apparel

Season 8 / XLBL Original Apparel by X-Team
Apparel is an important part of the X-Team brand because it supports the energized lifestyle we believe in. With quality apparel comes confidence, comfort, energy, motivation, excitement, and something to always look forward to arriving at your doorstep.
You can purchase X-Team Apparel in The Vault using your earned coins or stars.
2022 Plans: Expand upon XLBL, elevate our Houses gear, introduce a new Essential collection, and craft our first public accessory.

Original Games

The Tower is one of X-Team's most-loved roguelike game.
X-Team Games is key to how we build a strong remote community. Instead of hanging out aimlessly in Zoom chats, games put you in a team, give you a common objective, require you to communicate, generate excitement, and so many other good things. Along with Seasons and the Vault, our games play an important role in creating energy for our community.
Coordinating a Fortnite tournament is tricky with a global community due to latency and timezones, so we created our own games, designed for async and easy accessibility.
2022 Plans: Expand our roster of games and take the way you experience them next level.
The following is a regularly updated list of those games and what they're about.

Original Platforms

We create tools with one purpose: to serve the X-Teamers of today & tomorrow. Whether it's their energy, finances, careers, or beyond, without these tools, X-Team wouldn't be as effective at caring for the people we value.

XHQ (Community & Accounting Platform)

When we set out to build XHQ, we wanted a portal that could centralize the most important actions as an X-Teamer: getting paid, and getting energized. All these years later, XHQ is now an incredibly powerful tool, handling integrations that allow for global payments, complex accounting, and a variety of community features like The Vault or Bounties. It also helps our X-VIP team effectively fulfill their role of serving X-Teamers. For these reasons and more, XHQ will always be a core tool of high importance to all X-Teamers.

XP (Recruitment Platform)

Since the beginning, we've always believed in creating a recruitment experience that is both human and respects people above all. XP is a platform we've spent many years building to make our recruiters' jobs as efficient as possible so that they can spend more time on what matters most -- the human connection in the recruitment experience. XP is an incredibly important platform for us, and one we will never stop building and iterating upon. XP is also one of the few platforms we've built machine learning into so our recruiters can find great people more easily.

X-Team Radio

X-Teamers get energized by good music, which is why we created a space that ensures 24/7 motivating music, live events, and ways to earn coins and unlock more content/rewards.
How to Contribute: We are always looking for new ideas and code contributions to expand the X-Team Radio platform and experience. Let the Ambassador who onboarded know you are interested!