The X-Team Handbook
Guardian, praise to you! You made it through the trying process of organizing and leading an X-Outpost. While the dust settles and the last tear of farewell slowly dries on your cheek there is but one final task you need to undertake before settling slowly into the comfort of the post-Outpost world.
Each story should have a worthy ending. The tale of your X-Outpost should be no different. Your final task as the Guardian is bringing closure to both participants and other X-Teamers in the community. Below, you will find a compact checklist which will help you finalize ongoing X-Outpost business and make sure that the story gets out there.

ToDo list

  • if possible, try to organize the return of any forgotten items to their owners
  • have participants fill out a feedback form and share any insights we should include in this guide
  • make sure the balances in Splitwise get settled
  • make sure people have access to a gDrive folder where they can upload their photos/videos of the X-Outpost to re-live it together
  • send a message to #xhq that the Outpost is now over, that everyone survived, and how awesome it was. Supply the link to the album and a nice photo of the group. Buy yourself a good beer/whiskey/wine/KFC bucket with Unleash+ - you deserve it!
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