The X-Team Handbook
Never Forget This.
While you're there to make sure things run smoothly, that does not include doing everything for everyone. You don't have to go shopping for people, you don't have to do food deliveries for them, and in general, you shouldn't disregard yourself - you're supposed to have a good time as well.
Keep in mind that everyone is an adult (or accompanied by their parents in case of XO Families), so they should be able to take care of themselves. If they're newbies at traveling to very different places from the ones they're from, you might want to keep an eye on them, maybe give them some extra explanations, but that's it. Everything above and beyond that is up to your own good will.
An X-Outpost is a collaborative experience, and while there's a leader - you - it comes down to everyone to make it a great experience.
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