How to Host an X-Outpost
Guardians are the lynchpins of X-Outpost. What they do can make or break one, though while this may sound like a huge responsibility, we have distilled the whole process down to just a few relatively simple instructions, which will ensure that you'll not only ensure everyone's having a great time, you'll be enjoying it yourself as well.
Keep in mind that your job as a Guardian isn't to be a "babysitter", nor a concierge. You're simply there to facilitate the execution of the X-Outpost and help people if they need help maneuvering the local culture and language. You're the go-to person for information on how to get to cool places to do stuff, but while most Guardians elect to take on the organization of every activity themselves, in the end, that's not part of the job description. If you have X-Outposteers who feel comfortable and happy taking over some of that load, let them. You're all on the same team, after all.
And remember, if you come up with a plan which lets X-Teamers experience something extraordinary, be it an unforgettable location, activity, adventure, or all of the above, chances are good that it would make for a great Outpost. Even if it sounds crazy (5k km road trip? Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro? Survivalism in the Swedish wilderness? Drifting and cardrenaline galore?), pitch it to your group. We’re always interested in providing unforgettable experiences for X-Teamers and can help support it with additional finances.
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