X-Outpost Guide

Behold: the X-Outpost. One of the most-loved perks in all of X-Team, the X-Outpost is when X-Teamers come together to co-work, co-live, and explore together somewhere in the world.
Sometimes it's easier to show than explain:

How to Join an X-Outpost

If the thought of traveling somewhere to hang out with X-Teamers sounds epic to you, then head over to How to Join an X-Outpost.

Season X FAQ

  • What is paid for?
X-Team will cover accommodation and some epic activities on-site (to be announced).
  • Will X-Team pay for my flights?
No, the only expenses covered by X-Team are accommodation & epic activities - BUT, you can use your Unleash+ to pay for your flights.
  • Can I use my Unleash+ to pay for my extra expenses?
Absolutely! You can use the U+ to redeem any extra expenses like: flights, food, travel insurance, ground transportation, guest's expenses, etc...
  • Can I bring guests?
Yes, you can go with up to 2 guests.
  • Will X-Team pay for my guest's accommodation & epic activities?
No, their expenses will be deducted from your Unleash+ (please don't spend it all before the outpost).
  • Can I still sign up for the X-Outpost?
The sign up is currently closed, but please reach out to Henrique Paula on Slack to join the waitilist.
  • Can I participate in more than one outpost?
Yes, there is no limit.
  • How will accommodation work?
You can choose between two options: 1) X-TEAM ACCOMMODATION -You trust X-Team to book for you the best accommodation possible -There will be no shared beds (unless you are going with your +1) -Couples will stay in private rooms -You will share a house/apartment with other X-Teamers -If you are going with guests, the amount equivalent to their reservation will be deducted from your Unleash+ (please don't spend it all before the Outpost). Ex: If a house for 10 people costs $10, we'll deduct $1 per guest. -The housing details (address, guests...) will be shared a week prior to the Outpost 2) PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION -A week after the Outpost, the average amount spent per person on the X-Team accommodation will be added to your U+. -We will let you know the X-Team accommodation location so you can book a place near everyone. -You are in charge of booking your accommodation -Recommended for those who are going with guests
Have more questions? Ask them in #xoutpost and we'll add them here!

Past Experiences

We've already had years' worth of X-Outposts, and you can check out some of the videos and diaries of past Xplorers: