Rally your House and join forces to complete marathons in our first main event of Season 8.


We fought to the end of Season 7 and now it's time to spread the news of our victory. No distance will stop us from bringing home our commitment to keep moving forward.
X-Marathon Teaser Trailer

1st Week: RUN.

How to Participate

From February 25 through March 4, any X-Teamer can participate by submitting a valid run using any app or device, as long as it clearly displays travelled distance (km).
To be considered a valid submission, your post must have at least 2 Km of travelled distance. Feel free to follow your own pace and rhythm, you can also walk if you prefer.
Proof of your run should then be submitted by posting a screenshot/photo to the #s8-commit Slack channel using this format: :vs: [distance in km]
If you are a member of one of the Houses, make sure your "Team" is properly set in your XHQ profile so it can be added to your House's Total.
Another way to participate - especially if posting a run is not a viable option for you - is to engage with the mini events we are going to have throughout the X-Marathon and to collect and create new Bounties.


Even if you aren't a member of a House you can still engage with the Bounties related to the event. The first ones, to be added tomorrow, are:
Prepare Yourself: buy something from one of the following Unleash+ Categories (Bike Rentals, Running Shoes and Gym Membership) and post it on #s8-commit.
Start Moving: submit a valid run (over 2km of travelled distance) to #s8-commit.
We are also going to release a batch of club-related Bounties for you to collect over the course of the X-Marathon. Make sure you keep an eye open for the Bounty Drop Mondays and Fridays to increase your coin ammount and get all those special items from the Vault when they drop.

House Objectives

Goal: Reach a total House sum of 42.2 Km of travelled distance by next Thursday (March 4th).
Every House that reaches that goal will be rewarded with 20 Luna.
Additional Rewards:
  • Initiative: 5 Luna to the first House to reach the 42.2 Km mark.
  • Dominance: 5 Luna to the House with the highest total travelled distance by the end of the event.
  • Inspiration: 5 Luna to the House with the highest sum between their Top 5 contributors.
  • Dedication: 5 Luna to the House with most participants in the event.
Each House member can only have one single run added to the House Total. The first run they submit will be added to the total automatically. Every submission after that will replace the previous. Adding together multiple runs in the same submission is not valid.

Individual Objectives

If you are a hardcore runner - or is working towards becoming one - you might be interested in push your limits to strive for the special individual prizes:
  • Legend: 4 coins to the participant with the highest travelled distance in a single run.
  • Champions: 2 coins to the partipants between the 2nd and 5th place in that same criteria.

Global Objective

To celebrate our comraderie and sportsmanship, a special collaborative goal can also be achieved:
If we all manage to reach a total sum of 300 Km or more while having over 60 participants contributing with valid runs, every participant gets a coin and every House gets 10 Luna.
Add Deadline to Calendar to make sure you've posted proof of your run in #vs on Slack.

2nd Week: RIDE.

How to Participate

From March 4 through March 11, the X-Marathon will evolve into its second phase: RIDE.
During this week, you are allowed to use any fully human-powered manual individual vehicle.
That means: bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, (non-motorized) scooters, skis, snowboards, etc. Stationary bicycles and other similar equipment will also be accepted.
This time a valid run must exceed 3Km and the proof of your run in #s8-commit must include:
  1. 1.
    this format: :vs: [distance in km]
  2. 2.
    a screenshot/photo of any app or device clearly displaying travelled distance (km).
  3. 3.
    a picture/selfie containing you and the vehicle you used for your run. Make it cool. ;)

House Objectives

Goal: Reach a total House sum of 60 Km of travelled distance by next Thursday (March 11th).
Every House that reaches that goal will be rewarded with 12 Luna.
Additional Rewards:
  • Versatility: 4 Luna to every House that uses at least four different types of vehicles.
  • Engagement: 4 Luna to every House with more than 40% of members participating.
  • Leadership: 4 Luna to every House with at least one run with over 20Km.

Global Objective

Over the course of our most recent events, we've been receiving some weird encrypted messages and having some strange interference in our systems.
The last message we got came from a different source than the other ones before it and we need your help to decypher it.
5#4)0^(0%? !5 =+!(81 3+!)!~6 4 ~&7^0%8 70 61!~ -457 (0~7%0* 09 0+% 9+7+%&. @V7&4/ /+57 570? 7#&/. !7 !5 0+% 0~*1 #0?&. SHADOWCORP IS QUICKY BUIDING A NETWORK TO GYIN VAST CONTROL OF OUR FUTURE. X-TEAM MUST STOP THEM. IT IS OUR ONLY HOPE.
The first person to successfully decypher the message above will receive 12 coins and their House will receive 12 Luna. -> Miina Sikk from House of Corgi!
At any moment someone can attempt to decode messages. All it needs to be done is to tag @Leonardo Jardim to a post at #s8-commit with their answer. Only the first FULLY correct decryption will be rewarded.

Individual Objectives

Just as in the first week you can push your limits to strive for the special individual prizes:
  • Legend: 4 coins to the participant with the highest travelled distance in a single run.
  • Champions: 2 coins to the participants between the 2nd and 4th place in that same criteria.


This Monday we added four new bounties related to X-Marathon and its themes:
Movie Review: watch a movie or documentary related to the X-Marathon and post your review.
Book Review: read a book or short story related to the X-Marathon and post your review.
Book Review: play any game related to the X-Marathon and post your review.
Photo Finish: take a set of three photos following the X-Marathon themes (RUN. RIDE. RACE.).
Feel free to reuse the picture from your X-Marathon submission in the Photo Finish bounty.
Every Friday and Monday new bounties will be available to be collected.

Mini Events

Over the course of the week some special mini events might happen at any moment on the #s8-commit Slack channel. These events might require you to post something or to do a quick task. Completing them will unlock new information about the last week of X-Marathon, reveal new characters as well as prevent attacks from an unknown digital menace that has been creeping into some of our channels.

Event 1. Shadowcorp

An unknown force known as SHADOWCORP has infiltrated our systems and is sabotaging our plans. They are causing interferences in messages we are receiving from someone that claims to be from the future and somehow related to X-Team. What is Shadowcorp? Who is sending us these messages?
They have runned a... command? to insert themselves into our Guide. Maybe we can find some new hints there.

Event 2. Secret House Objectives

With the intention of messing up with the competition and to steal Luna for themselves, Shadowcorp secretly created three new house challenges for the second week of the X-Marathon. Hidden in what we previously thought were text interferences and randomly triggerred emoji reactions, they expected us to let that slide for them to snipe the prizes themselves by hacking runs into the competition.
Helped by a mysterious entity named "Xyou" we were able to stop them on their tracks and prevent them from submitting runs for the second week on its last day as they apparently intended to do. However, I don't think we are going to be able to stop them for much longer.
The prizes they created are still available to be collected:
  • Monopoly: 4 Luna to the House with more runners on the Top 5 for individual runners.
  • Go 60 +: 4 Luna to every House with >60Km difference between current total and total distance.
  • Innovation: 4 Luna to the House with more distinct vehicles used in valid runs.

3rd Week: RACE.

This is the final moment, that one last sprint with everything that we still have in ourselves, the race to the finish line. Week Three marks the end of X-Marathon.
Each House will be represented by a race car in a track made of NODES connected by PATHS. Each TURN the House Driver selects a NODE to move to and an ITEM to use. The first House to reach the FINAL NODE of the track gets 50 LUNA!!!


GEARS can be used at the STORE to buy SPECIAL ITEMS. These items can then be used to create or destroy paths, set traps, challenge opponents and help you along the way. Each Km from the previous two weeks was converted into a gear but there is still time to increase those numbers and catch up with the competition. The DEADLINE is Wednesday 3pm UTC.
  • :the-lion:
    The Lions Pride: 398
  • :nightclaw:
    House Nightclaw: 366
  • :ragnar:
    House Ragnar: 342
  • :corgi:
    House of Corgi: 220
  • :pandablob:
    House of Panda: 138
  • :nascent-fire:
    House Nascent Fire: 102


SATURDAY (3pm UTC): Learn what to do to UPGRADE YOUR CAR. => DONE TUESDAY (3pm UTC): The STORE opens and the MAP for the race gets revealed! => DONE WEDNESDAY (3pm UTC): DEADLINE for submissions to GEAR, SPEED, ENDURANCE and FUEL. => DONE WEDNESDAY (8pm UTC): GEAR counter and STORE updated, GARAGE opened. => DONE THURSDAY (3pm UTC): THE STORE CLOSES and no more items can be purchased. => DONE THURSDAY (8pm UTC): The RACE will happen at #s8-commit in a real-time event! => DONE

Upgrading Your Car


It decides the turn order, meaning that a car with higher speed will move before the others. Having an earlier turn makes you one step closer to the end of the race and gives you the ability to set up TRAPS for opponents attempting to follow you.
To increase SPEED you must post a valid run (or walk) to #s8-commit. Currently a valid run follows the same rules as the first week of the competition. Each Km (rounded down) can be converted into 1 SPEED using the
emoji. Alternatively, you can also convert each Km into 1 GEAR using the


When a car moves into a node you are currently occupying, it might ram into yours causing damage. Damage reduces your current endurance, making you more vulnerable to the next attacks. If your endurance is reduced to zero, your next turn MUST be used to REPAIR your car. REPAIR restores endurance to its max value but you won't be able to move or use items during that turn. Certain SPECIAL ITEMS can also be used to restore your endurance before it reaches zero. Endurance also determines the damage you cause when ramming other cars.
To increase ENDURANCE you must submit a valid post of an exercise session to #s8-commit. A valid post must clearly display time (min) and calories burned (KCal). You can do anything to burn calories: aerobics, play ring fit adventure, meditate, you do you. The only rule is that each person can only submit a maximum of two hours per day (starting today). Which means a maximum of eight hours per person until the deadline (Wednesday 3pm UTC) Each 50 KCal (rounded down) can be converted into 1 ENDURANCE using the
emoji. Alternatively, you can also convert each 50KCal into 1 GEAR using the
You cannot submit the same activity as a way to counts towards both Km and KCal.


Your car is powered by the energy of hype. To fill up your tank you must post a photo, image or gif that represents your House. Everytime someone reacts to it with your House logo it fills your tank by 1%. Feel free to react to other Houses' posts to help them out and to recognize their efforts. Your post must be made as a comment to the pinned post HYPE STATION in the #s8-commit channel. Each path has a cost in fuel to be traversed. If your car runs out of fuel it won't be able to move. You can fill your tank up to 100% before the RACE.
Whenever this guide mentions FUEL in percentage (%) it is referring to the maximum capacity of the tank, not its current value. So a path with 6% FUEL COST requires 6% of the tank (100%) and buying HYPE OPTIMIZER in the STORE would reduce it to 4% (- 2%).


The race starts at the node (A) and ends at the node (X). Each path has a cost in FUEL and affects the car SPEED in a certain way. No path costs less than 6% of FUEL to traverse nor more than 18% of FUEL. SPEED can be increased or decreased up to a maximum of 20 units per path. Attempting to move through a path without the necessary fuel will be unsuccessful and the turn will end. Using items, some paths can be destroyed or modified and others can be created (revealed). Every path that can be created (revealed) is also vulnerable to being destroyed afterwards.
When a TURN begins the DRIVER can select only one of the four options below:
  • MOVE -> ITEM: move the car to the selected adjacent node and use an item.
  • ITEM -> MOVE: use an item and then move the car to the selected adjacent node.
  • REPAIR: fully recovers ENDURANCE but cannot move nor use items this turn.
  • HYPE STATION: fully recovers FUEL but cannot move nor use items this turn.


In the STORE Houses can exchange the GEARS they've collected for ITEMS. Currently only the initial gears that were converted from the two previous weeks are available for usage. Tomorrow the second part of the store will be opened and the new influx of gear will be available. Only the House Leaders can buy items but everyone can and should make suggestions and propositions. The items are bought by submiting a shopping list to @Leonardo Jardim via direct message on Slack.


Once per turn the DRIVER can select one of these ITEMS to use before or after MOVING to another node.
Each House can own multiple copies of ACTIVE ITEMS.
30 Gears each Once used these items will immediately cause their effect on the CAR.
  • Neon Accelerator: increases SPEED by 15.
  • Steampunk Toolset: recovers ENDURANCE by 20.
  • Liquid Hype: restores FUEL by 10%.
20 Gears each These items are used on your CURRENT NODE and will affect other cars entering it and ramming you.
  • Decoy: the attacker can select to receive a Luna instead of attacking you.
  • Barricade: reduces damage received by 50% and decreases attacker's SPEED by 10.
  • Spiked Trail: the attacker receives 50% of the damage they cause to you.
40 Gears each These items might fail if there are no PATHS available to be neither ACTIVATED or DEACTIVATED.
  • Augmented Reality: activates a hidden path from your current node to others.
  • Dirty Delete: immediately deactivates a path adjacent to you.
  • Retro Timebomb: place it on any path and it will be deactivated at the end of your next turn.


Once purchased these items add a permanent effect to the CAR or submit a new MAP to the Driver.
Only one of each PASSIVE ITEM can be owned by each House.
60 Gears each These items will add a permanent effect to your CAR during the entire race.
  • Hype Optimizer: reduces your FUEL CONSUMPTION in every path by 2%.
  • Moon Collector: collects 1 Luna for every node you visit during the race. > NEW!!!
  • Quantum Hover : becomes immune to path-based SPEED MODIFIERS (positive and negative). requires:
    Augmented Reality
  • Emergency Core: keeps 1 ENDURANCE after a hit that would otherwise leave you with none. requires:
    Dirty Delete
  • Neon Processor: doubles the effects of Neon Accelerators. requires:
    Retro Timebomb
  • Moon Multiplier: grants 2 Luna instead of 1 when attacking or deploying a Decoy. requires:
Map Upgrades
80 Gears each These items will be sent privately to the buyer via direct message in an image format.
  • Detect Weakpoints: receive an updated map showing which Paths can be deactivated.
  • Analyze Potential: receive an updated map with all the Hidden Paths that can be activated.
Map Analytics
100 Gears each Submit the maps you already bought for improvements using priviledged informations.
  • Xyou Velotrometer: receive an updated map with the Speed Modifier of every path. requires:
    Detect Weakpoints.
  • Data Artifact: receive an updated map with the Fuel Cost of every path. requires:
    Analyze Potential.
Houses are allowed to freely negotiate and exchange favors and informations with other Houses. Editing MAP UPGRADE images and spreading misinformation is also allowed.


Here each House selects a CORE and BUMPER to build their VEHICLES for the RACE. Only one of each can be selected and they are granted for free.
Core This is the main setup of your vehicle comprised of optimized compromises between engine and carcass.
  • Dominator: increases ENDURANCE by 40 and SPEED by 10
  • Tracker: increases ENDURANCE by 32 and SPEED by 20
  • Speedster: increases ENDURANCE by 24 and SPEED by 30
Bumpers These parts determine the damage you cause by ramming into opponents (rounded down).
  • Iron Carapace: damage equals 50% of ENDURANCE
  • Aerodynamic Blades: damage equals 25% of ENDURANCE + 20% of current SPEED
  • Rocket Propulsion: damage equals 25% of ENDURANCE + 20% of current FUEL
The RACE happens this Thursday 8pm UTC in the #s8-commit channel. You can also join our Jitsi call at https://meet.jit.si/AwkwardTownsMatterBeautifully