The Tower

Upgrade yourself, defeat waves of enemies and climb to the top in our async roguelike Slack game.


In order to send and intercept messages from the future, Shadowcorp distributed their stolen copy of the Watchman technology across a network of nodes around the world. They are located on the TOP FLOOR of hundreds of impenetrable TOWERS able to replicate machines and cyber-soldiers as a defense mechanism to stop intruders from advancing.
We must destroy this network and prevent Shadowcorp from sabotaging our future for their own gain.

How it Works

First, join #the-tower on Slack to be part of The Tower community.
You enter the tower with 120HP and a
Watchman's Chronogun in your inventory.
The Tower has 12 floors with enemies to defeat.
Reach the final floor and defeat the final boss to win the game.
If your HP is reduced to 0 you get defeated and must start the tower over.
Defeating the Tower rewards you with Coins and generate Luna to your House.


During battles you can select one of the following actions:
  • HUNT: attacking an enemy with one of the WEAPONS in your inventory.
  • HIDE: protect yourself from incoming attacks if the floor you are in has places to hide.
  • HEAL: using a HEALTH KIT or other items you might have.
Weapons, Armors and Perks are divided in different categories of rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary) and it determines how strong they are and how likely they are to be found in searches or dropped in loots.

Advancing Floors

You advance to the next floor by reducing your opponents' HP to zero. Doing that also grants you special rewards in the form of LOOT (1 or 2 items added to your inventory), PERKS (power ups that increase your performance in battle in a variety of ways) and SEARCH UPGRADES (in the beginning of the game you can only find common equipment but as you advance better equipment can be found).
If the PERKS available are not suitable for your current situation or if you would like to avoid them for any reasons you might have, you can also select an extra item as LOOT instead.

Tracking Progress

At any moment you can also run the /tower-progress command or select it from the actions menu to check your current progress. It does not count as an action in the battle.
Here you can see the current floor you are on and if you can hide in it, you current set of weapons, armors, health kits and perks as well as your and your enemies' HP and current visibility status.
Good luck on your climb Watchman, the future is counting on you.
Feel free to help your teammates by sharing strategies and information on your House channels.