X-Mas 2020: Here to Stay

The 14th annual event returns to close out 2020.
Join us December 17th for our final mega-event of the year that assembles all of X-Team. And this year, X-Mas 2020 is raising the bar once again.
Put simply: you don't want to miss it.
Here's a rundown of what you can expect on December 17th.

X-Mas 2020 Livestream

If you only experience one piece of X-Mas 2020, make sure it's this. Best experienced live, the X-Mas 2020 livestream will give you your last energy boost of the year and a taste of what's to come in X-Team's future.
Enjoy some epic jams, heartfelt moments, hype for the future, and of course, plenty of memes.
Schedule: 10AM PDT: Pre-Show feat. Sung 11AM PDT: Main Event, hosted by X-Team's CEO 12 PM PDT: The #XHQ After Party 1 PM PDT: Vault Drop.

Livestream Pre-Show feat. Sung

This year's pre-show features X-Team Radio's #1 retrowave DJ, Sung, who will deliver an epic live set exclusively for X-Team. Most retrowave DJs don't perform live, so it's a rare experience.
Get a taste for his retrowave music below:

The After Party

Starting at 2PM PDT after the Livestream, The After Party will host a live video hangout for anyone who wants to keep the energy going. Grab drinks + food with Unleash+, and come enjoy games and good vibes.

Appreciation Bomb

Every year, we dedicate this day to filling our #appreciation channel in Slack FULL of gratitude. This is your moment to thank each and every X-Teamer who made an impact in your work and life in 2020.
Get in on the action on December 17th here.

Star Drop

It wouldn't be X-Mas without a ⭐ Star Drop. Immediately following the Livestream, watch #xhq in Slack for your chance to claim a ⭐, which allows you to purchase any 1 item in The Vault.

Vault Drop

It's a good time to get those coins, or snag a Star, because when The Vault opens at 3PM PDT, you'll want to jump on it quick. Here's what to expect:
  • 1 new Legendary item (hint: it's another desk collectible :eager:)
  • Return of some popular items from 2020
  • Return of our Save the Children donation drive
  • The official X-Mas 2020 collectible t-shirt, "Here to Stay"

More Surprises...

We can't tell you everything, but there will be plenty of other goodies to enjoy as we celebrate 2020 and X-Mas once again. See you there, and may the X be with you.