War of the Ages

The new Season 6 Metagame about evolving an alien species through time hopping ritual combat.

How it Works

War of the Ages is a new Metagame that will run for the length of Season 6. Featuring a time hopping, resource gathering strategic battle filled romp of silliness and fun.
Pick Your House
The first thing you will need to do is pick which of our two Houses you would like to side with. Either House Nightclaw, or the Lions Pride.
To do this, simply message @ElaineLithgow on Slack to be added to the House roster and invited into the House Members only private slack channel where strategies and plans can be shared. From then on, every Bounty you claim and event you win will not only grant you coins to do with as you please, but also grant Resources to your House equal to the 100x the number of coins earned. Eg: If you complete a bounty that grants you 3 Coins, your house will earn 300 Resource points to spend buying Units.
Resources & Units
Resources are a currency which House Generals can spend to buy Units the ludicrous battle simulator game TABS: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Units can range from simple club wielding cavemen, to literal gods calling down storms of lightning upon the battlefield. Some Units may be offered up as unique rewards for completing special bounties or winning other Seasonal Events, so keep an eye out on unique opportunities to boost the power of your forces!
Fight Night
At the end of each month, three battles will take place in an epic Fight Night. The House Generals will need to decide which Units to deploy to which of the three battles and in what formation before the Fight Night deadline. Once Units have been decided and strategies laid out, the battles will begin!
On Fight Night, the three battles will be played back-to-back in a trio of epic showdowns. These will come with audio commentary from your favourite Monster/Human duo, Hank "Hellion" Haymaker and Bobby Baxter.
Time Travel After each Fight Night, the House which won the most battles will get to choose which "Age" we travel to next. From cave-men to knights to pirates, you never know what's coming up next as we skip along the space time continuum to poke and prod at the evolution of these strange, war-like aliens.
Each victorious battle grants 10 Victory Points to the winning House. At the end of the Season, the House with the most Victory Points wins the War of the Ages!