We keep stressing that X-Team is a community of like-minded people who want to see the world proper and make it a better place. But it being a community — how does that actually show?
Well, there are several elements to it...


You know Slack. Everyone knows Slack. We spend ungodly hours on it — because we want to and it's fun, not because we have to — and there's always something fun to do. If you're interested in just about anything, chances are, we have a channel for it with people who share that interest.

Community Initiatives


Seasons are our annual experiences (generally March-October) where the community summons more energy than you can imagine.
Each Season comes with a variety of new events, apparel, livestreams, charity drives, and unexpected opportunities to do more of what you love. Seasons are the ultimate energy boost, always there when you need to tap into it.
Stay tuned to our Slack and you'll often see new announcements of how to participate during a Season.


Bounties are micro-challenges that we use to inspire and energize each other on Slack. Go to the page, pick one (or fifteen), and off you go, bounty hunter! Report completion as specified in the description, and earn your coins!
If you have an idea for a new bounty, just click "Create a Bounty" and we'll review it and get it included soon.